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We are hiring postoctoral fellows and graduate students

We are looking for motivated, enthusiastic and talented scientists who will conduct research projects related to the biology & biochemistry of the aging of the central nervous system or adipose tissue. Our lab investigates the influence of aging, inflammation, or obesity on neurodegeneration and pathological vessel growth. We study neuronal senescence in diseases of the aging central nervous system with a special focus on the retina. The selected candidate will be affiliated with the departments of Biochemistry of the University of Montreal. The candidate will be expected to perform and/or supervise biochemical analysis, transcriptomic analysis, rodent surgeries and experiments pertaining to cell physiology. Prior experience with basic cell and molecular biology, animal work and microscopy and are an asset. A degree in biochemistry, immunology, cell biology, neuroscience or physiology or a related field is required. Applicants should provide by email a CV, list of 3 references as well as a brief cover letter stating prior research experience and general scientific interests.

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